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Water Quality Reports are listed below the news notes.

March 27: The 2023 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available (see below).

Feb. 5: A mistake by the Pensacola mail processing plant caused about 600 February bills to be marked "return to sender" and were returned to the Holt Post Office. The bills have been re-sorted and should be distributed to mailboxes in the next day or so. Holt Water apologizes for any inconvenience this mistake may have caused. See the Holt Enterprise News story dated Feb. 5 for more information.


Sept. 21: The boil water notice has been lifted. All lab samples have come back clear. It is no longer necessary to boil drinking or cooking water.

Sept. 19: BOIL NOTICE--Customers on Springtime Drive, Summertime Drive and Bone Creek Road are advised to boil their water until further notice due to a broken water line at a fire hydrant at Summertime and Springtime avenues Tuesday, Sept. 19. This does not affect bathing or washing clothes, only drinking water. The boil notice will last until clear water samples have been approved by the lab for two consecutive days. Those affected customers with questions can call the office at 850-537-4113.


Sept. 12: The Holt Water Works, Inc., annual meeting will be Monday, Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. at the water office. Water members are encouraged to attend the meeting and register to win one of three $25 water discounts to be applied to the October bill. During the meeting, two board members' positions will be up for reelection and water members attending this meeting are also eligible to vote.

July 27: The Board of Directors approved a rate increase for residential and commercial. The new rates are on the rates page. See the Holt Enterprise News story dated July 27 for more information.

June 8: The 2022 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available (see below).

June 7: June's monthly board meeting has been rescheduled for June 26, 6 p.m., at the Holt Water office.


Aug. 26: The 2022 Holt Water Works, Inc., annual meeting will be held Sept. 22 at 6 p.m. in the Holt Water conference room. All Holt Water members are welcome to attend. Four $25 water credit door prizes will be awarded to water members during the meeting.

May 26: The 2021 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available (see below).

Jan. 18: Holt resident Thelma Ryan was unanimously voted onto the Holt Water Works Board of Directors at the Jan. 17 meeting.


Sept. 22: The Holt Water Works annual meeting is tomorrow night at the First Baptist Church of Holt fellowship hall, 6:30 p.m. Members are welcome. Four water credit certificates will be given away as door prizes.

Aug. 7: Due to the number of COVID cases in the local area, the Holt Water office will be closed until further notice. Members can call the office, pay online or use the dropbox to pay their water bills. When a decision has been made to reopen the lobby, a notice will be made here and on the Facebook page.


June 8: The 2020 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available (see below).


June 4: Holt Water Works Inc. is increasing water rates effective with next month’s billing. The rate change is a result of rising costs associated with managing a water utility. This will be the first increase in water utility rates since April 2015. The decision to raise the rates was approved by the Holt Water Board of Directors at the monthly meeting in March 2021. See the Holt Enterprise News story dated June 4 for more information.


Dec. 29: Due to a computer glitch, December’s water bills went out with a zero balance. Corrected bills went out yesterday and should begin arriving tomorrow with a note about the correction. Please disregard the first bill. Because of the error, Holt Water will not charge a late fee due to the mixup. Sorry for any inconveniences this error has caused.

Dec. 18: Holt Water failed to collect drinking water samples in the correct month in accordance with our approved monitoring plan. Samples were collected in September rather than July. The oversight  did not cause an emergency, customers do not need to take any action and and the water is safe to drink. However, as a result, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection cited Holt Water because the test fell outside the testing window. The letter sent to all water customers can be viewed here.


Dec. 11: Holt Water received new digital radio-read metering equipment from Santa Rosa Beach Regional Utilities yesterday. This means we’ll be able to upgrade our water meters. Holt Enterprise News story: “Meter donation will upgrade water system”


Oct. 27: The new online payment service is now active. You must set up a new account before using this service. You’ll need your customer number and PIN found on your water bill to set up your account. See detailed instructions under the Oct. 21 news note.


Oct. 22: The new online payment service is not active at this time. It is scheduled to be active by bill payment time.


Oct. 21: New online payment service. Holt Water Works customers can now pay their water bills online 24/7 with a credit card, debit card, or ACH (eCheck). This service is provided through Pay N Seconds, a third-party payment processor specializing in secure bill payment options. To make a payment through this service, simply click on the “Click to Pay” button and you will be directed to Pay N Seconds. If using this service for the first time, you will be prompted to register a new Pay N Seconds account prior to making your payment. When registering your account, you will need your customer number and PIN from your Holt Water Works bill. If you have more than one water account with Holt Water Works, Pay N Seconds allows you to add multiple accounts under the same login. Please register first with your main water account.


Sept. 25: Congratulations to Holt Water members Marion & Patty Arnett, John Criss and Elaine Cawthon for winning the $25 water bill credit door prizes at this year’s annual meeting.

Also at the meeting, two board members were reelected to continue to serve another three-year term: Chris Palm and Mack Reeves. Officers of the board remain the same.


Sept. 22: Just a reminder for Holt Water members to attend the annual meeting this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church of Holt fellowship hall. We’ll be electing two board members and giving away four $25 water bill credits as door prizes.


Sept. 16: Although the Chelco substation is out because of Hurricane Sally, water will continue to flow. We have standby generators at both well pumps for just such an occasion. They’ve kicked on and are powering Holt’s water supply.


Sept. 4: Holt Water Works is switching online pay services. However, for now, PayUB is still working and we’re still receiving your payments. If you get a security message when trying to access PayUB, either opt to continue to the “insecure” site (PayUB is a secure site) or give the office a call to make a payment over the phone. Information about a new online pay service will be available soon.


Aug. 18: Holt Water Works’s annual meeting will be held Sept. 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall of the First Baptist Church of Holt. Four door prizes of $25 water bill credits will be given during the meeting.


May 28: The 2019 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available (see below).


May 4: The office has reopened.


April 28:  The Holt Water office has a new address:  4618 Johnson Street.


March 23:  The Holt Water office will be closed until further notice due to COVID-19. Bills may be dropped off in the dropbox or paid online using the PayUB link at Questions about billing or service may be directed to 850-537-4113.

Water Quality Reports
Call before digging
Before digging, call Sunshine One: 811
Call Holt Water at 850-537-4113 to have someone come out and mark the water lines to prevent hitting, and possibly damaging, underground water lines.

4618 Johnson Street, Holt, FL 32564       850-537-4113       Tues.-Thurs., 8 a.m.-noon

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